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"People are perfectly happy to see women as sex objects, but the actual biologic of our bodies is apparently gross and unmentionable."
- Our Bodies, Ourselves.
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"That’s why I always recommend a psychedelic experience because it makes you realize that all you’ve learned is in fact just learned and not necessarily the truth."
Bill Hicks (via drugsruleeverythingaroundme)

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Megan UK size 16-18
I would of never gone out in this outfit a few years ago, a crop top and a skirt with no tights, yet this blog has helped my self confidence so much I’m in a place now where I wouldn’t think twice about wearing crop tops and gorgeous flowing skirts without thick black tights to cover my legs. When I wore this outfit I felt so beautiful and after years of struggling with my own negative opinions about my own body I feel I’ve let that go and I’ve realized that there is more than one type of beautiful. Just because I don’t look like the airbrushed women in magazines doesn’t mean I’m any less deserving of respect! I deserve to feel good about myself. All women are beautiful and all women deserve to feel beautiful. I cant thank this blog enough for Improving the way I feel about my body. Being part of this blog and the body positivity movement feels like being in one big family and I love you all <3
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